As developers of premium residential housing with enhanced features and superior materials it is also our duty to ensure that all stakeholders in the project are taken care of with utmost respect and consideration.

At O&W, we recognize that the stakeholders are not just limited to our workers and employees, but also include neighboring houses, streets, and most importantly the environment. This is especially important as many of the properties that we develop are located in existing colonies, with dense population all around. To this end we have taken several innovative, unique and pioneering steps to ensure that our construction process is clean, safe and non-intrusive.

Labor Welfare

We strongly believe that our construction workers are our most important assets and it is our responsibility to ensure that they are provided a safe, healthy and stimulating work environment. It is also our duty to ensure that the workers take pride in their work, and keep themselves and their surroundings neat and clean.

Our Labor Management covers the following aspects of labor welfare

Pride in one’s work starts when one feels well-dressed. We provide all our workers with smart, color-coordinated and comfortable uniforms to provide them with a sense of unity under the O&W brand.


All workers are provided crash helmets, nail-proof shoes, safety belts and gloves to keep them safe while they are working. Safety equipment is mandatory for all workers and is strictly enforced by our Site Managers.


We regularly conduct training sessions to emphasize and educate our workers on the importance of health, cleanliness and sanitation. Laborers are strictly prohibited from defecating in the open or soiling back lanes. To this end we make adequate arrangements for their conveniences.


Exploitation of laborers is not tolerated at O&W. Our workers are encouraged to work within the standard working hours only and avoid any construction work outside work hours.


Our laborers are provided noise-proof tools to prevent them from suffering long hours of exposure to harsh noises, which can be detrimental to their health.

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