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Construction Etiquettes

At O&W we have laid down some fundamental courtesies and etiquettes for construction that will ensure a positive impact on the environment and society. Our enhanced site management practices include the following features:

  • Enclosed construction sites

    We install 30 feet high sheeting on all sides of the Site to prevent dust and debris from the construction process from disturbing surrounding houses, and hampering or endangering pedestrians and traffic.

  • Building Material Management

    We ensure that no building material spills out onto the road; in keeping with international standards, everything related to the construction is contained within the construction compound, keeping the surrounding area neat and clean and free from unsightly encumbrances.

  • Healthy environment to neighbors

    We ensure that neighbors are not inconvenienced due to noise or air pollution arising due to the construction process. Moreover, our commitment to the environment is reflected in our technology-led sustainable construction practices.

  • Planting of flowers and greenery around the construction site

    To prevent dust and pollution from causing harm, we plant numerous flowers and plants all around the site. This also has the added advantage of giving an aesthetic look and feel to the construction area, which otherwise would look unsightly in an upscale locality.

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